After making a bunch of hammocks and suspensions I decided to try something new (for me). I took my old jungle hammock and replaced the thick ropes and metal rings with 7/64 Amsteel and Whoopie slings (I made those out of 7/64 Amsteel as well).

Here is a picture of what I was working with:

Thank you Amazon for the picture!

This is the old thick rope it comes with.
They use a welded metal ring to bring everything together at the end.

You can see the two side by side.
The 7/64 Amsteel and the original rope that came with the hammock.

I used the original rope to measure out the amount of Amsteel I needed.
Then used an anchor hitch to secure the Amsteel to the first tie out and a carabiner to help me loop the Amsteel through the other tie outs.
It kept everything neat.

I hung the carabiner from the ceiling and evened out all the loops.

I used a double prusik knots from the fixed eye of my whoopie sling to secure the loops in a nice neat pattern and removed the carabiner.

Here are some pics of it suspended.

Weight before: 3.49 pounds or 1.58 kilograms. One of the welded metal rings broke on me and I've had to use a carabiner since then.

and after: 2.83 pounds or 1.28 kilograms

It was a quick little fun project and considering its a bugnet, tarp and hammock system; I don't think the weight is that bad.