I'm thinking of making a lazy bishop sack, inspired by the lazy slug tube. where I can stuff my hammock, bug net, under quilt and top quilt ready to go on whoopie slings. Then I thought, if I'm making this for my quilts, I want to be able to have them be sure to be dry (especially as I am going to try a gearskin style pack.) So: dry sack!

At the moment I have a DIY speed sack, with is a rectangle of fabric with two cord channels and then sewn into a cylinder. It's only big enough for the hammock body, but I figure it's a nice proof-of-concept for the bigger sack.

How would you go about selecting fabric for a dry sack? Seam seal with silicone? Roll top ends? for both sides?

Or should I just make a ripstop version of what I'm thinking, and cram it all into a bought dry sack, once I take the whoopies off the suspension?

Is this a monumentally bad idea, in case the hammock body gets wet?

How would you go about measuring the stuffed volume of a hammock, two quilts and a bug net?

Bad idea to stuff quilts/hammocks with suspension still attached?