Myself and about 25 folk from a UK based bushcraft forum (naturalbushcraft) are meeting up for a winter camp meet in Cornwall from Saturday morning until Monday lunchtime. The weather forcast is for cold north east wind bringing cold arctic air straight off Scandinavia,night time temps are expected to go down to -5c , may seem warm to you guys but here thats a cold one!
I think i am prepared,high calorie and high carb foods for the duration,am taking home cured bacon and chicken fillets too.I just finished making my first under quilt for my hammock,i just hope its warm enough,its made from a 15 tog duvet backed with space blanket type material to reflect body heat all covered in 1.1 O.D ripstop nylon,for top layer i have a Snugpack Antarctica 2 sleeping bag which i will use as a top quilt,and over the top of me will be a DDtarp .
so you guys got any tips on keeping warm or for winter hanging?

ps. heres a vid the organiser took of the site today: