So the specs:
-69" long
-26" wide on the ends
-46" wide in the middle
-2" baffles in the middle
-1" baffles for the first 5" at the head
-1" baffles for the last 16" at the feet
-9 channels running length-wise
-Differential cut
-13oz of 850 fill down in the body
-.5oz of 850 fill down split between the two draft collars (which are 26" long by 7.25" in diameter
-5' of 1/8" shock cord in each channel attached to a 2' section of 1.9mm tech line on each end with a fisherman's knot
-Suspension shout out to Hangnout of LeighLo Quilts and Grizzly Adams
-M50 red fabric on the inside
-M50 black fabric for the outside
-M50 Gray for the draft collars

Total weight.....

I hope to get this down to around 10F or 15F. But it's not been that cold around here to test. I went with a full length, obviously not for the weight savings , but for the comfort factor and warmth. I keep having these weird cold spots (from gaps at the head and foot end...yes I've tried to fix it) that form using my 3/4 length Phoenix because I'm 5'7" and it's more like a 4/5 length quilt. A big thanks to Resqsarge03 for his help with setting my suspension whilst I lay in the hammock and for his opinion on whether I needed draft collars or not (I did).

Pictures will be uploaded tonight after diner as my uploader is not working right now.