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    DIY Climashield UQ

    I live in a more temperate area of the country where it doesn't get below freezing very often so I really didn't need an expensive down under quilt that could offer warmth to very low temps. After reading several reports, I decided that the Climashield line of insulation materials should serve me very nicely. I ordered some 2 yards of 5 ounce Apex insulation online and picked up 4 yards of rip-stop nylon locally.

    I wanted the quilt to be 54" x 70" with 4" differential cut between the widths of the top and bottom RSN layers to minimize insulation compression. I pinned the material together, evenly gathering the short ends to compensate for the difference in the widths of the layers. The 4" drop off of RSN was cut in half lengthwise and used to make the long side channels for the shock cord assemblies.

    I made the first line of stitches about 1" in from the edge and followed up with another one at about 1/2".

    I used grosgrain ribbon to make the shock cord channels on the short sides for gathering the ends. The ribbon was 7/8" wide and wound up being a little too narrow. If I were to do it again, I would forego the grosgrain ribbon and make wider channels from strips of RSL. After sewing the 3 sides, I turned the assembly inside out and closed off the open end by sewing a grosgrain ribbon channel over the outside of the end, thereby closing it.

    I threaded 1/8" shock cords into the short side channels and secured them with barrel cord locks on each end. I then threaded the side cord assemblies that were made of shock and utility cords lock stitched together with the junction then protected by heat-shrink tubing. A bowline knot was then tied onto each end of the 2 cord assemblies.

    I set up the hammock with a Structural Ridge line fitted with 2 Prussick knots on the SRL near the ends of the hammock and 2 Prussick knots with 'S' hooks near the center of the SRL. I positioned the UQ under the hammock, threaded the ends of the long side cord assemblies through the outermost Prussicks and hooked their end loops on the inner Prussicks with the 'S' hooks.

    With this configuration, I can snug the UQ up under the hammock for chilly nights without getting out of the hammock. By sliding the 2 Prussicks with the 'S' hooks away from each other towards their respective ends, I can adjust the hammock so that it allows some air to circulate between it and the hammock bottom for those nights when it is not as chilly.

    Additionally, I can place a CCF pad in the double bottom sleeve of the hammock to further extend the range of the insulation as the need arises. This hammock that I made also has an integrated bug screen on it. I can close off most of the screen at the ends of the hammock and run the adjustment cords through a small opening without offering much of an opening for a mosquito to find her way in.

    The next projects on deck are to make a pillow from the leftover Climashield, a draw string stuff sack for the UQ and a box-footed top quilt.

    I hope that you enjoyed this modest offering of a tutorial and make one of these for yourself.

    Hang tough.

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