I am wondering if it makes sense to go 20* UQ and 40* TQ and if anyone else is doing this sort of thing? I am looking for a versatile setup that will best accommodate my needs.

Most of my hanging is not that cold, I would say 30% 70* or warmer, 30% in 50-60* or warmer at night, 30% in 40-60* and 10% 20-40* temps. I don't see using an UQ above 70*. So the majority of my quilt use would probably be 40* or warmer.

My thoughts were, I could probably vent easier than add clothing. I just dont think I can justify 2 sets of quilts. This set up is for the WBBB MC which is DL 1.9 and 1.1, perhaps warmer than some other DL hammocks.

Does anyone find the YETI to be small, it seems like one of the smallest 3/4 UQ out there? I am 6'.

My current choices are between the UQC 3/4 zeppelin in 20* vs. the YETI and pretty much set on HG 40* burrow TQ.