When I was growing up we stayed in state parks and all had a trailer. We enjoyed the family time very much. When I was about ten my dad got a couple of pup tents and we stopped taking the trailer. We found that as a family it was easier to tent camp than use the trailer. As a result we began to naturally become more minimalistic in our camping and even though we didn't have a name for it, we became LNT campers. I remember staying in a state park at age 11 or o in our liitle pup tents cooking over the fire, really enjoying ourselves only to have the giant fifth wheel pull up in he site next to us. The family was loud and obnoxious, they took up our space and the kids would ride their bikes through our site, which wasn't so bad, except that their father would yell at them for doing so and they wouldn't listen. I still am not sure what was worse, the kids riding through our site or having to listen to their father yell. My dad said at the end of that trip that there had to be something better. Thus began our backpacking exploration. We have never looked back. Hammock camping is in my opinion an easy extension of backpacking, but state parks are made for those who like their fifth wheels and such. The rangers have to endorse strict crazy rules because the campers don't believe in LNT or possibly, wait most likely don't even know what that is. I try to not get frustrated with rangers because they have a tough job. I have found that national forest campgrounds tend to be a little better, but not much. I must remind myself that when I go to a campground that certain rules and regulations are there because not everyone gets that going outdoors is to get away from the city. In the end backpacking is the answer to really get away.