My best friend Alex (bastowa on the forums), my dogs, and i decided to do some car camping at slagel creek for the weekend. We headed up friday afternoon i got there about 6:30 pm and alex at 7pm. we set up camp pitched a tarp for my dogs shelter and got a fire going. Around 10:30pm a car pulled up and shortly after we saw a head lamp light shine through the night, feeling a little uneasy and not seeing what direction the headlamp headed, we decided to do a little recon mission. After not seeing any signs we walked back to our cars, I then noticed a small womens wallet purse thingy, a pair of sunglasses, a cellphone, and a mrt trail map seeing the map we felt better. We opened the purse and saw an id and a few credit cards and some money, so we took the maps and wrote a note saying if you come back in the morn come to camp site eight where we were staying and we will get your belongings for you, and placed the note under the windshield wipers. Then we put them in our car so they did not get stolen or wrecked. The next morning we woke up and had some coffee, alex was driving back to a gas station down the road to get some more wood for the fire, so he placed the belongings in a bag and hung them on there car door while i watched camp and let the dogs play. Shortly after alex returned with wood we heard a 4x4 atv and saw a man in a hunters orange vest drive past our cars turn around and leave five min later he returned and the atv stopped and was ideling around the car area i got up to look and see as the hammock were fourming a L-shape and blocking the view. the man sped off as he saw me so we ran up to the cars only to find the peoples belongings stolen! it was extremely lame of that person to steal a young girls money and credit/bank cards. we both just couldnt believe it. the rest of the day we sat by the fire and enjoyed the quiet and nature. most of the leaves had fallen off the trees but the view was still great. We kept a fire from 11am to 11:30pm reminiscing on the old days. We have been best friends for 21 years so the conversations are always good. Then headed to bed for another brisk night in the hammocks. the moon was full and very bright both nights which made it great for breaking in the new Cuban tarp looking at a bright moon in the comfort of my downy goodness my smallest dog reef keeping me even warmer fast asleep. Besides the cruelty of the missing items it was a great weekend around forty durning the day and low thirties at night, we couldnt have asked for better weather or a more relaxing weekend we do have a few pics but im waiting for my friend to email me them. will post soon.