I think I'm gonna pull the trigger on a whole new WB hammock setup. (That Mazatlan beach-net hammock I got in the now-hazy 1970's was definitely a gateway drug!) Anyway, I could use some advice on some concerns before I plunk down my hard earned cash.

I can sleep only on my left side. Am I gonna be happy with a WBBB?

I'm short at 5'5" but as a side sleeper the bridges don't look right for me. My knees come up pretty high sometimes.

I see that the Snipe can simply be turned over to convert righty-lay to lefty-lay. Does it work the same with the Traveler?

I mostly haunt Banana Slug country... anyone out there want to make a Lazy Slug Tube clone that looks like a banana slug?!

Will I also be happy with the WB Yeti under my HH Hyperlite, HH Survivor, and ENO Single?

Can you think of any other cross-platform gear issues I should consider?