First, hello and thanks for the info. I've been quite overwhelmed by all of it.

After many glowing reviews, I will be ordering my warbonnet soon.

I still have some questions. One is of suspension. I cut and pasted this from the how to order thread:

"Suspension is included in the price, but you choose between line/tree straps or 28’ of webbing and 4’ of line for making an adjustable webbing suspension. Webbing is 2000# 1” polyester camo pattern, line is 3mm amsteel blue (grey) also rated to 2000#. Tree straps have a single 4g welded ring in one loop to prevent “wear-through”
Webbing: 6.5oz (adjustment hardware NOT included) (2) 14’ pieces with loop in one end
Line/straps: 4.3oz (2) 6’ straps and (2) 8’lines"

So, why would one order one over the other?

Second, I am leaning toward the double layer given my weight (210 lbs) and the ability to place a sleeping pad in there. Does anyone have a double layer and can comment about the effectiveness of this over sticking the pad in the hammock?