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Couldn't wait till morning and coffee this time--when I saw it up I had to watch it right away--make for a better evening after a somewhat tough day. Happy 50th, Wanderin' Fool. My present was getting to go along with you on this cold weather trip. Yes, I'm another one liking the looks of those UQ protectors. Looking forward to part 2 and all the parts thereafter.
Again.....you did not wait for morning coffee????? The UQ protectors were a blessing on this trip with all the wind.

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OKIE DOKIE SHUGROW ... now those are two fellers having a ball in the piney woods. Can't wait for part 2!
We had a big ol' Blast........

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I can't get enough of the SHT and it's so great to see you two stompin' along on my two favorite sections.
Mr. Green and I went through a nasty storm one night on the Brule too. Fun and cold!
Did the Greylock keep you Redhot?
Yeah man....the Greylock was wonderful. Nary a cold spot. Warm as a fever)))))

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Another Shug adventure.

That shepherd's pie looked tasty. Different gear on this trip here; looks like it all worked pretty well.

Looking forward to the next installment!
I did switch up some gear....it was kinda fun. Thankee.

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Happy 50th to WF. I'd like to give a shout out to 2QZQ and the UQ protecter as well. Used it for the 1st time this week and on my Lite Owl as well so WF and i were in sync ,,,sort of. Glad you boys got out. Cold and rainy here and sleet on the ground, Brrrr. I held off on the BR hat as i thought it would slip off my head at night but now with the more grippy stuff on the inside maybe its time,,,,thanks Shug
PS seeing WF's pole mod lookin so good makes me want to get it done.I need to go to the penny jar now ,,,,,,,and have a nap.

The BR hats are nice to pull down over the peepers in the cold. Soft and warm. I do covet his pole mod a bit.

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Happy Birthday WF!!
Nice spoontachula
Always good to see a pole mod--def. a sign of evolution.
I'd take the moon and stars over snow too.
Cocoon of serenity! Quote of the day.
Stuck in my cage right now so THANKS for the vicarious piney experience.
Rattle the cage)))))
It was quite a quote. WF is loquacious in the morn'......