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    Clark Flex 180 Mods: 2 Tree Use & JRB UQ

    I own a Clark Flex 180 and absolutely love this hammock. It is very comfortable and roomy especially when there are (3) trees to hang it from. The problem becomes finding (3) trees that just happen to have the correct distance apart. Therefore I modified mine to incorporate an aluminum spreader bar that is used on the end that normally attaches to (2) trees so that it only requires (1) tree. This opens the interior to its full potential and comfort. In addition, I got tired of waiting for Clark to release an UQ and decided to purchase a JRB Mt Washington 3 UQ. As it turns out, the quilt fit the hammock almost perfectly with a few extra tie downs. Used it this past weekend on the AT and temperatures got down into the lower 30's and I was very warm. I think most of the mods are fairly self explanatory and can be seen in the below pictures and video. Happy to answer any question anyone may have regarding the setup.

    Video of mods during my trip last weekend.
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