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    climashield combat and xp should have a higher warmth to weight ratio than PG 3d or delta. clo value is really all that matters, the higher the clo value, the less insulation you will need for a given warmth, the smaller it will pack. pg3d in particular falls well below the other 3 in terms of clo, so you will need more of it and will end up with a heavier bulkier version. i don't think pg delta is available for diy, which leaves the climashield as a better option over the pg3d

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    Ray used to sell Polarguard 3D for the RayWay Quilts. He had written a long document against using Polarguard Delta (I don't remember the rant, exactly). I think in recent years he has switched to Climashield (not sure if it's XP or what). Maybe the source for Polarguard 3D dried up for him too.

    When I made mine, he was still selling the Polarguard 3D, so that's what mine is made of. I made the alpine upgrade.

    It does take up a lot of pack space, depending on the size of your pack of course, so after all was said and done I ended up making a down underquilt.

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