After previously scoring some DWR or Silnylon from Wally world, I went back for more. Bought what looked like exactly the same stuff. Wrong. I can blow through it, it wets easily with water. But it feels about the same weight. I don't have a scale, so I used a coat hanger and some soda cans full of water and alot of string to rig together a sorta-scale. According to that very innacurate contraption, I'm guesstimating that the weight is 1.5-1.9oz. This stuff is *thin*, I can see my hands through it. I ended up buying 37 yards since I heard they were closing the fabric department, and now i'm trying to figure out what to do with it.

I had wanted to make a tarp or something, but since it's not waterproof, I'm wondering if I should tear apart my waterproof hammock to make a tarp, or if it'd be worthwhile to just use scotchguard and try to waterproof this stuff.

My other concern is weight ability. With my *really* thin DWR ripstop that I found (weighs also 1.5-1.9 ish), I am able to sit in it and lay down in it, and it hasn't torn, but I weigh 300lbs, so I'm a little concerned. Should you be able to see your hand through 1.9oz nylon?! Trying to figure out if i have 1.1 coated nylon or some other lesser material. How the heck do you find out what you have without weighing it, any tips or pointers?

Also, I found an easy way to hem up the edges for those without sewing machines ( I gave up trying to hand sew ). They sell a 'liquid stitch' product which made a pretty strong hem.