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    Quote Originally Posted by BillyBob58 View Post
    Hmmmmm. Maybe a ground cover would prove useful? I have always figured matters were made worse by how wet the ground and grass are in the winter under where I hang. Then again, when the ground is frozen solid? Still worth a try.
    Yea, always worth a shot. I'd think even when your grass is frozen there's going to be some condensation issues once you introduce your partial micro climate to it, and it starts to get a bit warmer, if it's not covered.

    My ground cloth is a bit bigger than most, and covers almost the entire length and width under my hammock...but I'll find that some times there will be moisture or frost under my tarp, outside of where my ground cloth is covering things up.

    I think it was WV that at one point explained how this all works, but not 100% for sure. I'm still not able to locate that thread, but it was very informative. My memory doesn't seem to be what it used to

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shug View Post
    If you used a pad under your feet and had the pad under your TQ...then you may have created a vapor barrier thus frost. It happened to me a good bit.
    Started putting my pad in my TQ and never had it again.
    Skeeter net closed keeps in condensation as well.
    How many socks did you wear?
    Many pearls of wisdom in that there post.

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