Hey all!

The name is Rob and I sort of got into hanging by accident! I grew up in Northern Ontario so a lot of my camping took place out of a canoe, which means I could pretty much bring along whatever I wanted so long as I was willing to lug it over the portages; so I always had a tent. Eventually I got into sea kayaking so I could explore more of the Great Lakes, and that's where packing was a bit tricky. You pretty much have to pack your gear loose in your kayak, so the smaller the better.

It wasn't until I moved out to the BC Coast to do some guiding with my friends that I actually took on hanging. I was rummaging through our gear shed for spare parts when I came across an Eno hammock that must have been left behind by a former guide, and with no one to claim it, it was all mine! I tried it on one of my trips and am hooked for life.

When paddling with guests we don't exactly pack light, so the more space I can save in my own boat, the better. The hammock is just so convenient. I only need about 1/3 the space for my hammock system, depending on the weather I don't even bother with a pad, and since all of the good tent spots end up getting taken by my guests, being able to hang anywhere there are two trees is a life saver on my back.

I'm here looking to lighten my load even more, speed up/simplify my pitch and tear down, get into winter systems and to improve my hanging experience in general. I think I'm in the right place, and hope I can contribute as well!

Happy Hanging.