This past week (before the hurricane) I hiked 60 miles on the AT, from the Penn/Maryland border to Boiling Springs, PA. In the first 3 days, I did 15 miles, 20, then 20. The 4th day was a pickup day, so I only did about 6.

The weather was gorgeous the first day, and the leaves were brilliant. The second day brought fog and mist all day long; it was quite spooky just in time for Halloween (especially crossing "Dead Woman Hollow Road", a shiver crossed my spine).

I took my Hennessy Hammock, and a backpacking quilt I made. I slept with a pad in the hammock with me. I was quite warm as the temperature didn't drop below about 50.

On my last night, I was crossing the last big ridge before Boiling Springs and didn't realize how difficult of a rock scramble it was. It took me too long to get through, and dark fell before I could finish. I also ran into a huge black snake lurking in the rocks.

I decided to stop for the night rather than get tripped up in the dark (or lose the trail, it was decidedly hard to see the blazes). The hammock saved me, there was no place for a tent at all. You can see in this picture the difference between my anchor points: one was hung at about 6ft, the other at about 2.5ft.

Overall a great trip: the weather held out great, did a lot of distance, and met a bunch of interesting people on the trail. I did have a wardrobe malfunction: my keen sandals that I love finally gave out after 4 years of hard use. A moment of silence please...