I've read too many pages about kayak support today. The math in one thread almost convinced me to go back to the tent!

I just got my first hammock last summer, and I was only able to use it a few times. But, it was enough to realize that I want an adjustable support system with as few knots as possible.

I really want to use the Hitchcraft Mini Ropetie with my HH Ultralight Backpacker. However, my stock ropes are 1/8” (3mm), and I've read that there are issues with using rope smaller than 4mm. That is, there is a danger of slippage with 1/8” rope. The specifications for the Ropetie are 250LB at 4mm, but only 150LB at 3mm.

So, what rope would you recommend to use with the Mini Ropetie? I was thinking about the Amsteel Blue, but I'm concerned that it is too “slick”? What size? 3/16, 1/4”?

Or, is it just too much trouble to switch out the HH line? Should I just order two SMC rings, connect them to the stock HH strap with a girth hitch and connect the stock 1/8” line to the rings with the garda hitch? I did not read about any problems with the garda hitch, but it is just scary looking!