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    What is similar but lighter than the WBBB?

    I bought a WBBB 1.7 DL two years ago as my first hammock after much research here. I was blown away by the quality and craftsmanship. However, being my first hammock I was unaware that I needed to sleep on my left side b/c of the footbox placement. I later bought a WB Traveler model which is nice and much lighter but I really miss the footbox and cant lay nearly as flat. I can sleep on my right side in the Traveler model but its not nearly as comfortable. I've actually went back to tarp and pad on the ground my last couple of outings.

    I've contacted WB about a WBBB with left side footbox without the bug net but i've been informed that is not an option. I'm almost considering buying one and removing the bugnet but thats a lot of cash to drop and such a nice piece of equipment to dismantle.

    What out there is similar without all the bells and whistles?

    EDIT - I weigh around 230
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