Seems everyone here is using toggles that have a relatively small diameter or cross section. When I made my toggles, I looked around the shop and used what I had available - Hence, mine are cut from 1/2" EMT conduit, each about 3" long.

Here's my logic: A larger diameter toggle means the webbing (which is flat & wide) doesn't have to scrunch up as much to form a knot when it tightens around the toggle, thus spreading the load out more. This, in conjunction with the strength gained in doubling the diameter of the toggle, means far more load bearing capacity without fear of the toggle crushing or folding. Sure I suppose you could argue the weight difference of the toggles, but two 3" pcs of conduit aren't gonna send my pack load into the stratosphere. If I were a Gram-Weenie, I'd splurge for a titanium spork, rather than try to cut weight by lightening a key piece of my suspension . . .

Just my $.02