I got to head up to my favorite place, the Superior Hiking Trail, recently with a couple other hammock forum members. We went for a quick weekend trip to the castle danger area. Got there around 7:30pm on Friday night and got in some good night hiking. CryOTheWild and BigFatSellOut both over dressed and soon had to strip some layers as the first mile or so is a lot of climbing... I think CryOTheWild went a little far with stripping down! It was about 32* or so when we arrived and the mercury quickly dropped to an overnight low of 23* When we got to the campsite there was a ground dweller already sleeping. so we went ahead and hung our hammocks and then chatted around the fire until midnight and ate some bablefish5's BBQ spaghetti before turning in. The next morning we slacked around the campsite. We got a chance to meet our neighbor who's name was mike, and his dog was Ozzy. They were super cool and ended up hiking and camping with us the rest of the weekend! This was for sure a slackpacking trip to say the least. We finally broke camp and started hiking around 10:30am. We stopped for lunch around noonish and hung the hammocks again and had some lunch....for me lunch was some more bablefish5 goodness... this time beef stew! We hung out for about an hour or so then hiked for about another mile until we got to our campsite for the day/night. That night we had a really really great fire and a lot of fun just sitting around the fire and chatting. Mike decided to stay up and chat with us... always fun to make a new friend! Anyways, The next morning I found out CryOTheWild and Myself had kept BigFatSellOut up until around 2am or so with our snoring... apparently we started up within minutes of getting in the hammocks LOL! Really it was an amazing time and I can't wait for the upcoming Iowa Hang to get together with these two great guys (and a bunch of others) again!