I've got a Hennessy Hyperlite rain fly and the underside of the fly sticks to itself something fierce.
When I take it out of the snake skins, parts of it are practically glued together and make an awful ripping noise when pulled apart (no damage however). i.e. when I take it out of the snake skins, a lot of it stays bunched up.
It has always been sticky, but I just put up with it...until I bought a big silnylon Guides Tarp from MEC and realized that the MEC silnylon didn't stick to itself nearly as much...and come to think of it, neither does the silnylon on my Big Agnes ground sleeping thingy.
I searched the forum with no luck, so I ask you, good peeps of HF, how sticky is too sticky and is there a way to keep my silnylon from sticking together so much?
(I think I read in the DIY silnylon thread and slipping grip-clips thread that different thicknesses of sil coating can have an effect on the grip/stickiness of the fabric)