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    Ash Dieback in UK

    Not sure if this has been mentioned in another thread or not but it's probably worth a reminder even if it has (I did a search and it came up with nothing).

    They are testing in my area for suspected Ash dieback (nasty fungus killing ash trees). Lastest info is to wash everything after visiting wooded areas. Most important things to wash are things that have been in contact with ash trees and leaf litter, straps, pegs, guy and ridge lines, but having worked in the outdoors during foot and mouth it's kit in a pllow case and into the washing machine after every trip for me for the time being (I always find a stray leaf in my hammock from the last trip). Not sure how much effect it will have but it can't hurt (and I'll have a lovely, fresh smelling hammock).

    Rarely post on here, sorry to make it a sad one.

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    Mmmm lots of Ash round here and my favorite spot is in a local wood full of ash, so I my be camping in the back yard or finding somewhere new for a while.


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