Ordered a whole new setup yesterday. Snipe, pillow, Oldman Winter, LST, plus a HG Burrow & Incubator. Couldn't be more excited!!

Everything's in black...already heard from Marty at WL who apologizes for not having black whoopsies... a couple of orange threads looks good on a Giants fan's rig, anyhow.

Maybe there's a black sock out there somewhere that will fit the 11' hammocks...? I like the design of the MMG SEEPsock.

The discussions on this site had everything to do with the decision. Plus I feel like Shug's armada was a bit intimidating. So now, with two HH's and an ENO and the WL and a squadron Mexican beach hammocks, I have something approaching force parity.

Next year maybe a bridge with a downmat inside for when going to ground is expedient. And I want a WBBB too. Please forward schedules for H.A. Meetings!

Stay tuned for updates.