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    Sesqui Mid-week Hang Oct.29-Nov.1 TRIP REPORT

    AHHHgladius arrived first and checked us in. He sent me a text saying we could drive in to unload...AWESOME NEWS, since I had two kayaks, lots of firewood and WAY too much of everything else! When I got there, I couldn't find the entrance to the site, so Gladius , with his cute new little puppy, "Stumpy", came out to the parking area to find me. We unloaded everything and he helped me set up my gear. I am still trying to learn how to put everything up. I'm very grateful that he helped me as he made short work of it unlike at Parson's Mountain when I fought with everything for hours!
    We decided to go pick up a few things while waiting on COWBOY to arrive.
    He got there while we were gone and he came to the site through a road that runs along the back of the primitive area. When he spotted my Big Top Tarp, he knew he was in the right place!!!
    Friday night, we grilled some steaks over the fire, mixed up some mashed pototoes and mac & cheese and filled our bellies...yum!
    GRESH came out and hung with us around the campfire for awhile. Work and school kept him from being able to camp all week, but we enjoyed him being there as much as he could!
    REV let us know he was going to be arriving late Monday night, so we stayed up around the campfire for awhile. Cowboy and Gladius went to nap until he got there. I enjoyed just keeping warm beside the fire and listening to the wind in the trees. The moon was full, so I could see the trees swaying above me.
    When Rev arrived, he set up camp and we all enjoyed some late night hot cocoa and campfire time.
    We finally all headed to bed and settled in for a chilly night. I was soon to discover mine would be the chilliest! I don't think I actually got warm all night!
    We all slept in fairly late the next day and after getting food in us, Rev, Gladius and I headed into town to go gear shopping. Cowboy stayed back and waited for RCRACIN24 to arrive. GRESH, came out to spend the evening with us, as well. We all went to Red Bowl for sushi for supper where we stuffed ourselves and enjoyed a fun time out. Afterwards, we went to do some more gear shopping.
    When we got back to camp, Cowboy and Rev decided that they would set up a different hammock and tarp for me to try out and so I wouldn't be a frozen bug come morning. Thank you so much guys!!! I finally got some sleep and was much warmer.
    Rev had to head out the next day, so several of us went to Maurice's right across from the park for lunch and then said "Goodbye" to Rev.
    Afterwards, the rest of us decided to go find some geocaches in the park. We took Max and Stumpy with us and found 5 caches which brought up my total to 700 geocache finds...a very nice way to reach a milestone with friends. Gladius and racin decided to go do yet some more gear shopping...Can you ever have too much gear???...I think not! Cowboy and I stayed back to start the "cowboy stew" for supper. I just got my dutch oven, so I was very excited to try it out. Cowboy got the fire going just right so we would have plenty of coals for cooking. I got all the ingredients ready and once everything was in the pot, we let it simmer for a couple of hours. was really good...we put a serious dent in a 6 qt pot of stew! Gresh was on his way to stay the last night with us, so we saved some for him. When he arrived, we set about helping get his new UQ's so cool to have friends who jump in and help get things just right! Gresh brought his dog, Thor...always nice having the four-legged camp buddies around.
    The third night was the charm for me...I finally slept!!! Whoo Hoo!!! First good night's sleep in a hammock...YES!
    Thursday morning, we ate breakfast and started breaking camp.
    Gresh headed out early and the rest of us took our time cleaning up. We are all looking forward to coming back here in January for Rev and Racin's birthdays...REV's Frozen Butt Hang...January 25-27, 2013. The park here is very nice and well maintained. The primitive area is super nice with the biggest fire ring I've ever seen! LOTS of trees with good spacing and the park being centrally located is going to make this place an ideal spot for future hangs!
    This hang was a great break for all of us from the regular work week. I can't think of a better way to burn up some vacation days!
    Thanks to all of the guys for coming out and once again letting me be just one of the guys in the woods. Can't wait to do it all over again!

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