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    DIY Hammock Fabrics

    Hey Hammockers!

    I've decided to start making my own hammocks to sell and was wondering what fabric option there are for the hammock bed itself. Since I'll be selling them I need a compromise of price, comfort, and quality. For the design I will be using a tree strap to cinch buckle suspension, then using amsteel to tie the cinch buckle to the hammock via a larks end. I plan on doing an asym-shape for the hammock as well. So what fabrics option are there (I've been looking at 100% poly taffeta which seems good for the price, $2.50 a square yard, though not sure...). Also, where is a good place to order hammock fabrics! Thanks so much for the help! Best, Scott

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    There are a lot of issues that go into commercial production. The content of the fabric is only the beginning. The availibilty of the fabric is a critical issue. You don't want to start with one set of specs and then have to change because the supply dried up. $2.50 /sqyd is not the final price for the fabric. Synthetics are usually woven to 60" wide which means a running yard of fabric is more than 1 sqyd.

    Anytime you are dealing with commercial production you will need to deal with materials distribution. Some of those choices are best made by doing your own research and finding what fits with your business plan a nd ultimate goals. Once company may be able to get by with small end roll lots which are often not available on the retail level. Others might want to go with a full mill run from a manufacturing mill.

    There are probably other forums on the net to research and resource this kinds of questions but I wouldn't know what they are.
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    I think I'm just going to be ordering from the tablecloth . (from every place that i've looked up for buying nylon or polyester taffeta by the yard, this place is still the cheapest, and they come pre-cut and hem. thanks guys

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