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    Quote Originally Posted by Lost_Biker View Post
    You can use anything to put weight inside the hammock - Dog food bags.

    I would be a little careful what I put in the hammock for weight. Dog food/cat food bags are big and lumpy. We buy in the 40 to 50 pound bags. The problem you should consider in my humble opinion is that the food leaves a little oil and SMELL of food, candy to critters.

    I started to use a couple of 50 lb. bags of K9 food then thought about it for a minute. I do not want my dog to taste the hammock. My cat already chewed on the strap of my hennessy, I think the oil from my hands brought that attack on. Scents linger, you might not want something tasting you in the night. Anyway it is just a thought for your consideration.
    You're absolutely right! Put anything like dog/cat food in a plastic yard bag before putting it in your hammocks! And wash your hands!
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    Uh oh, so using bacon grease to lube my parachord through the nylon might have been a bad idea?

    Great advice, thank you. Luckily this time of year there are sealed bags of Ice Melt and sand readily available in my basement.

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