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    Quote Originally Posted by PapaSmurf View Post
    I'm 5'7", 265lbs and I rotate through many different hammocks made of various fabrics almost every night in the workshop.

    I have hung many nights in SL 1.1oz hammocks, but have yet to get a good nights sleep in such a light stretchy fabric. Way too stretchy/springy for me.

    The lightest fabric I feel decently comfortable with is a 70d Nylon Taffeta (actual weight around 1.69oz)

    An even better choice (for my weight and preferences) is a 1.8oz Polyester Taffeta. I've always had good nights with this fabric.

    When I'm not testing hammocks in the workshop, my regular everyday sleeper is a SL 2.3oz Poly/Nylon Blend in Woodland Camo.
    Good info papa smurf! I have been eyeballing that night grid taffeta as well as it looks sweet and taffeta is very soft, just thinking about the 1.1 from a weight savings perspective( who doesn't?).

    If you would prefer to answer this via PM to not derail this thread by all means-EDIT: I only posted the question here so if anyone has had this done they can comment on it-

    but would you by chance have a set figure in your head as to how much the up charge would be if I wanted a dangerbird set up with all the flashy Darien ul stuff? Is this something you would even do?I would still want the two covers, tie outs and everything that makes it a dangerbird...but would love to have all the dutchware, cuben, and dynaglide bling. Thanks in advance!
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