Still considering hammocks..... I initially wanted to go hammock to cut weight, but the weight is going to be about the same as my BA Seed Lot 1 so my reasoning is mainly towards the convenience of being off the ground.

Been checking out Hennessy's site and War Bonnet and after watching several videos this is what I'm considering. Hope to get some feedback from the experienced hammock hangers from the forum.

Warbonnet Blackbird 1.7 single w/ adjustable webbing suspension, Superfly Tarp (may add the doors?), and using my Big Agnes Zirkel 20 degree bag w/ the BA insulmat in the sleeping bag sleeve. I know everyone is using bottom and top quilts, but I'm trying to use what I have to cut cost. Note the Blackbird has a built in foot box and the BA bag has the built in pad sleeve. So, I'm thinking (hoping) they could work together with the bag sliding right in to the foot box of the hammock and my weight keeping the bag face up even with shifting. What do you guys think? Given the 20 degree bag rating, what would be the estimated effective rating in a hammock?

Does anyone use a Big Agnes sleeping bag w/ built in Sleeve for hammocking? Pros and Cons?