Went to the Greenville REI "Used Gear Sale" aka Garage Sale this morning and got some great deals. Yes that is a tent, but i'll do anything to get the entire family in the woods to begin converting them to hangers

Spent $165.00 and walked away with over $900.00 worth in gear. Got a REI Hobitat 4, Exped inflatable pillow, REI Kilo 0˚ down sleeping bag, a pair of LOWA Renegades, and an REI Lite-Core 1.5 sleeping pad.

It is crazy the things people return and the reasons behind it. The pillow and pad "leaked", well they did fine under water in my tub, the tent "had condensation problems" pretty sure that was operator error, and the boots . . . who knows cause they are perfect, especially for $30.00 .

The sleeping bag does have duck tape covering a small tear but the section lofts just as well as the others so I think it is fine, I will be adding a touch of down to it and stitching her up. . btw did I mention I got this for $20.00. The down alone is work at least 3x that - diy project possibly hmmm.

Saw an Osprey pack go for $20.00 due to a small tear in a place that really just didn't matter

Just figured I would share..

Got these in grey at the last sale for the same price and love them, now I have to decide what color to wear

FIL scores this fold up kitchen for $40.00, normally $120.00. We are now set for car/family camping. Woot!