Since my Full UQ just was not fitting the BlackBird I extended the end with a down add on baffle. It is the black piece with the cinch on it.
BB UQ 1.jpg
Here is the head end. I was not fast enough to get in in and get it on my feet just right with the timer on the camera... but believe me, the feet are covered and warm now. No attaching both UQs.
BB UQ 2.jpg

As well I have found that I like sleeping in the hammock head to the right of the ridgeline and feet to the left. That is how I sleep in all my hammocks and started laying in the BB that way. In that position my UQ works perfectly! It is also the "sweet" spot for me. I use the footbox to toss my jacket and pants in and it is a really good nook for that. works for me. Easy to grab the garments there and I still have the shelf .... which I really love.
You can see that I can reach around the shelf and adjust the UQ. Cool!
BB UQ 3.jpg

Ahhhh .... makes me happy to have a fix on that ......
Shug of Satisfaction