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Thanks David. It would be great to get together at a group hang, but I doubt I'll be able to do it this weekend. I'd hoped to take the kids out to Alum Creek this weekend for a final tent camping trip for the year, but at the moment everyone in the family but me is sick, so even that is likely on hold.

Actually hoping to try an overnighter at Zaleski in mid-December (I was last there in late September), and that's why I'm thinking of updating my gear. Any Ohio folks do trips that late down there?
Yep! Most of the Ohio folks like the winter hangs, we were in Zaleski mid Dec last year in the single digits and then again on New Years Day in those high winds. Keep your eye out for Ohio Hangs, we usually get out every month somewhere, mostly Zaleski and Mohican.

Hope the family has a great time at Alum Creek. I live up that way in the small town of Sunbury.

Have a good weekend,