anyone else here just round up their gear and realize they're done (or close to it) with getting stuff?

in the 2 years since joining HF actively, my gear bin and knowledge base has grown considerably. i started off with the most basic, and in some cases the worst, gear possible, with only an idea of what i was getting into. but now, i feel like ive got "the right stuff" for what i want to do

im never going to be a gram weenie, because if you get my fat butt to hike you better be walking in front of me with Krispy Kreme on a string.... but i keep looking at the UL stuff, knowing i dont need it (doesnt mean i dont WANT it tho...)

and my gear progression reads like Genesis in the bible: ENO begat Warbonnet who begat WL NO; PLUQ begat full 20* UGQ Quilts. Stainless Steel begat Titanium, etc etc etc. you can literally graph out the gear purchases on a curve. and i know im not the only one.

but thru it all, you guys helped keep me "on track", with suggestions and links and advice. all you on here got to "know me" and my needs, as i have a few of you, and helped me get straightened out.

in the process of all this, ive made more than a few friends, and been fortunate enough to have started 2 hangs and (i think) inspired at least one more here in the SC region. every time someone asks me for help or recommendations, im humbled and think about all the HF'ers here that guided me while i was asking those same ole n00b questions!

thank you to NCPatrick, who has had to whack me in the head a few times when my ideas got the best of me, and to AngrySparrow for being the P.I.M.P. (Playa In Management Position) around here. this place is a real refuge on the net, a breath of fresh air to be sure.

so what im trying to say is, im having a gear zen moment & im really thankfull for all of you here, for all that you do for me and everyone else.

speech over...