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I second the notion that Shug make it on down, and further suggest that it be for the Frozen Butt Hang.
Ok, Shug lives 25 miles from me, I know how cold it gets here. But SC? Cold? Really? Maybe you could have a chilly butt hang. Just joking, but I can't imagine you get nearly so cold as here. We're farther north than Canada! (parts of it anyway).

I'm such a wimp I've got eyehooks on my deck so I can test my gear before I go for the frozen butt hang here in Minnesota. I can bail and in 4 feet be nice and warm if my quilt(s) don't cut it. If they don't I can't go for sub zero. I'm not even sure my long johns are up to that much cold! I work outdoors, but have a warm van to hop into before my parts begin to freeze. Camping out is a whole 'nuther thang. Those guys are nuts or brave, and I can't wait to join them to find out which!

But you're absolutely right. There are angels here that deserve wings and halos for all the goodness they've created, prepared and shared. One can't visit here long before feeling the love. My gratitude to all who've contributed to this excellent example of how good the Internet can be.