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The first one I made was from an aluminum tent stake. I made four more from an aluminum rod I had around. Probably 1/4" diameter. I'll measure it when I remember.

The bends are made after heating the rod with a propane torch, using pliers. The key is to get it hot enough. When you reach the right temp the rod will bend fairly easily. Once formed, I dip the hot metal into a pot of water to harden it. Not sure if this necessary or not but I didn't want them to slowly become deformed by the load on the lines.

I've been hanging from them for a few nights but that hardly qualifies as safety testing. Wish I had the testing resources to see how these affect line strength.
Well, your not dead yet.

Guess that means they are safe enough, least for a few nights.

Thanks. I guess I need to steal the wife's brulee torch. . . er I mean . . . I need to go to Lowes and buy the wife a brulee torch . . . um.