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    PSA: Gear Check Time

    I'd like to take a second and just offer up a reminder that now is a great time to check your gear!

    I took my hammock out today to test some new stuff and gave it a good look over, noted my whoopies look a little "thin" and will be replacing soon. While I was at it, I pulled the hammock apart and gave it a nice hot water bath in the tub, followed by a cold shower to rinse off outside on my improvised paracord clothes line.

    So, need some reasons?

    This time of year its getting cooler, and for a good many of us, hanging will slow down if not stop all together. Take this time to give your suspension and hammock body a good look over, including all seams. If you can, hang or lay it flat (a shower curtain rod or nice flat floor help, ha) and go over the whole thing making sure theres no runs or torn stitching. Run the suspension carefully thru your hands to make sure theres nothing poking out (Ive see twigs and such work their way into whoopies) and everything is how it should be.

    And if you DO find something amiss, well guess what? ITS THE HOLIDAY SEASON!!! Gear like quilts and tarps, even new hammocks can be added to the wish list, and what better time then now to support our cottage vendors? Not to mention when you go thru all your stuff you may just find a good amount of gear you dont use that can be passed on in the PIF thread.

    So guys & gals, take a little time this week and go over your stuff. Look thru your closets and see what you dont use and pass it on to someone who can, or post it to fund more gear!
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    Well said REV. A good fall check over is a great idea. If you have been out much thought the summer you should check regularly but making sure it's ready for your next it in the spring or yet this year in the snow is something we all need to do.

    I need to sling fresh dynaglide slings on my WBBB, they are getting to that point where I think a little bit the first night of a trip when I lay down. Slings and tree straps always need to be looked at as something that takes a bit of wear and tear every trip and they will need replaced from time to time.
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    Couldn't agree more and well said!

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    Good tip. I got in the habit years ago to go over my stuff as it is hanging to dry after a trip. Never really thought that everyone doesnt do that.

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