I'm fairly new to hammocking (if that wasn't a word before it is now). Picked up a ENO double nest earlier in the summer. Love the comfort but I'm tired of playing "Chase the sleeping pad." I've been comparison shopping between the ENO hotspot, JRB Mt. Wash. under quilt, Grand Trunk hammock compatible sleeping bag, and just DIYing something. I'll obsess over this issue in the off season but whatever I end up with will need to be light and compact to accommodate my UL backpacking goals. I can banana sleep but prefer to sleep diagonally.

My background is 10 years Army not-so-light infantry and scouting as a kid. Went through SERE in '99 and was a squad leader in Bosnia the same year. Spent a few years in EMS and now work as an officer friendly.

I hiked the PCT from White Pass to Chinook this summer and realized that 50lb rucks are for the birds. I'm in the process of refining my setup to <15lbs for a Wonderland Trail solo hike summer 2013 and a PCT through hike when I retire from my current job in 10 years.

Look forward to learning from you all!