So, I've been using a Trek Light double for the past 3 years. It's 120 X 78. I tried a WBBB & Traveler, but they just weren't comfy for me and I went back to the TL Double. I'd like to try out a WL Snipe or a BIAS Camper so that I can get rid of the one annoying thing on my TL Double ......flappage (it that a word?). I don't know how I'll like a narrower hammock. I do like to get fairly diagonal. Will I get the same flat lay in a narrower but longer hammock? Or maybe I should try out the BIAS XL hammock @ 132 X 72.....longer & wider but with the Knotty Mod to get rid of the flappage? I'll be using a HG Phoenix UQ if that makes any difference.
One other thing.....both the WL and BIAS come with whoopies & huggers. I've never used these. I like the webbing & cinch buckle better. Can these hammock be converted to this suspension fairly easily?
Thanks oh wise HF members!