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    Bike Across America - 2 Day Visit

    Gobsh spent the last two days with my husband and I, and it was a great visit. He rode in Monday evening about 5:30 and set up his hammock so we could go to dinner. We went to a Mexican restaurant where he ordered a meal that had the highest calories on the menu. If I did that, I would have had to be carried out. He actually asked the waiter what item on the menu had the highest calorie count. You have to replace all you burn. He said he burned about 4500 calories that day pedaling. People may think SC is flat, but there are plenty of hills to be discovered once you are pedaling instead of driving.
    We enjoyed dinner with a couple friends and their grandkids, who had plenty of questions for Gobsh.
    We returned to my house and then consumed strawberry shortcake and ice cream, and I gave Gobsh a triple helping, which he polished off in no time at all.
    Gobsh slept very well in his WBBB with Cuben Tarp, and he stayed toasty warm with his UK UQ and DIY TQ. He really liked my yard set-up (pics later) with one tree and four 6X6's. He said it gave him some good ideas for his garden.
    Yesterday he came to my place of work (Hydro-Power Dam) and was given a tour of the Dam, which he found very interesting. He then spent the afternoon tuning up his bike, and then napping in his hammock. After work and voting I arrived home about 4:30 pm and woke him up to let him know a reporter from the McCormick Messenger would be arriving at 5:00 pm.
    The reporter interviewed Gobsh and checked out his hammock gear and bike and I could see the wheels turning, so we may have a convert to hammock camping. Then a dinner of Lasagna and after dinner he made some energy bars that I assisted with. They taste wonderful and are full of calories and good fattening stuff. ( oatmeal, nuts, dark chocolate, raisins, dried fruit, nutella, honey, syrup, and a few other things I can't remember) Gobsh said they are great when riding to keep your energy level up, and it helps to sooth the hunger pangs.
    Later, I broke out the reflextic and made a pot cozie and an envelope for the ziplock bag. I also cut a nice long peice for him to try in his hammock. He now likes that much better than his thermarest pad, and plans to mail the therma-rest to his cousins house.
    He did his laundry and I stocked him up with Knorr meals, diced chicken packets, tuna packets, and spam packets, along with packets of chocolate peanut butter from Walmart. As I left for work this morning, he was packing up and preparing to head out. It was drizzling rain, so his departure may be delayed a little bit. He is now headed to Athens, Ga. to TwoPly's place.
    I truly enjoyed Gobsh's visit, and I recommend anyone that lives between Athens, Ga. and Los Angeles try to plan a visit with him. It would be great to show him some Good Ole American Hospitality. (hot shower and hot food) He is a very nice young man and very polite and respectful. Don't let his blog fool you. I would love to cross paths with him again in the future. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.
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