Thanks for the update! What is the SlowHike mod?

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i went by WL today to p/u my custom camo LiteOwl with the SlowHike mod (SWEET).
Thanks for the idea slowhike!
the whole deal is 23oz of the most comfortable Owl ever. and in the digital forest, i'm invisible!
anyway, Marty and Co. are working on an insulated sock, sorta. it's a open bottom.
1" sewn tru synth insul batting with 1.1 outer skin and a scrim interior. it is the same pattern as the WL bug net.
we have dubbed it the "Winter Net" and i'm stoked. we where doing a little r&d and proto changes.
it's not lite, it's not compact, it is gonna be crazy warm.
for the lite crowd, he's gonna make a proto of single layer 1.1 exactly like the WL bugnet.
they are still in the r&d stage for now. i told Marty to put my WinterNet on the back burner until after the Holiday crunch.
he might offer the "SlowHike" mod soon?
i'll try to make some photos of my new mod hammock on Thanksgiving.