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I second that motion. After this years florida hang in Ocala, I got a yak. And now I work in Brevard not to far from you. I'm ready for a nice little spoil island to explore.
It's as easy a paddle as we want .. lot's of places to put in ... mid-week is best .. let's keep it mind .. I have a winter expedition right after the Fla.hang so my time will be very limited ..

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I weighed my hammock this morning before I came to work. With 6ft 7/64" amsteel whoopies (I am still waiting to receive my Dynaglide) it came in at 6.2 oz.
Just what I thought .. with a Cuben Asymmetrical Diamond Tarp @ 4.3oz. ...10 -110z. sleep system .. that's comfortable as heck .. pretty nice in my book