I have a friend in that lives outside of North America. He is ill and will not live much longer. I have told him my misadventures Hanging around. He can not kayak anymore due to his health condition, so he decided to buy a hammock and give it a try.

Well surprise he FROZE HIS BUM OFF. I am afraid I had a major giggle, since the same thing happened to me and most of you. I just had it happen on a nice Fall afternoon.

My question is I want to make him something, useful, not too heavy (shipping is expensive to the UK). Something he can use, when he Hangs. Yea I shared my experience and what I have learned from others on this site. I am sure he will do much better in the future.

So maybe you folks might have some ideas on a hand (homemade gift), food is not a good idea with Customs and the weight involved. I am leaning toward a small wool quilt, kind of a top quilt or a linner to go under a top quilt. I am just not feeling very creative. I am sure some of you will help be decide on something, just keep it easy. Thank you for your help.