Ok so this would be either a 2 part question or a combo deal.

I guess one could select a group hang not local and plan a trip for vacation, but what about a hang set up specifically for people to vacation to? I am in the charlotte nc area and although we have some wonderful parks within reach none compare to some of this countries wonders. Yellowstone, grand canyon, titans and many places I could google but can't think of. (if I had a passport I would say foreign or domestic... Or maybe I should just get one and consider)

my second question would be what about a national ( or at least 2 east of miss/west of miss) hang. Something that could bring together people from all location( including our longer distance hangers). 16000 hf members. If not a hang how about an outdoor expo for hangers? Or is there one? I know of other conventions with outdoors in mind, but what about just for hangers?

sorry to ramble.