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    SOLD: DIY Torso Length Underquilt Shell - Just Add Down.

    This is a 95+% finished differential cut shell for a torso length down underquilt. Olive green color on inner and outer fabrics. The fabric is from DIY Gear Supply - 1.1 nylon ripstop DWR seconds. The baffles are made from NoSeeUm mesh. Both sides and one end have sewn channels for the suspension. One end is open so you can stuff with the down fill of your choice.

    All you need to finish it is stuff the down of your choice in each chamber, roll the end into a channel and sew it closed. Add your shock cord suspension and hang it up under your hammock.

    Final dimensions will be 55" length by 48" width. There are nine 3" baffles and if you fill with 9oz (1 oz per chamber) of 850 down it will be good to 20*. If you use a 20% overstuff it will bring the total to 12oz (1.3 oz per chamber) of 850 down for 0-10*. The UQ will weigh about 28 oz with suspension (shock cord) when it's finished.

    Be aware that the temp ratings are not absolute - some people sleep colder or warmer than others.

    If you need more pictures, please let me know and I will be happy to send them to you.

    $55.00 shipped Priority Mail. PayPal preferred. Sorry - USA shipping only.

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