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    Wow, between Shane and Rat, looks like we've got a good start on the pictures! I was so busy running from activity to activity as a participant that I never did get around to indulging my own shutterbug nature. I got to do a lot of what I wanted to do, to the point that I just didn't have enough time left to do several other things I also wanted to do. At this rate, we're gonna need to make this hang a week-long thing so everyone has time to see everything!

    Thanks again to UncleMJM for the starting and continuing to organize this hang, the delicious and hearty breakfast tacos on Saturday, and for every time you flatter me by endorsing my love of teaching. I'm by no means an expert in the field of hammocking -- I just read a LOT and went through a long (and costly) learning curve trying a lot of different things. Sorry I didn't get around to sharpening your knife for you again

    Thanks to Oldgringo for the coffee Saturday morning (even if we were hovering like semi-polite vultures waiting for it to be ready) -- instant coffee is okay, but there's nothing like a properly-brewed cup.

    Thanks to Caveman for offering to show me how to make a stove out of a soda can -- sorry I didn't sit still long enough to actually catch up with you and learn it.

    Thanks to everyone who showed a real interest in the wild foods hike. Y'all made Brandy so happy to have people to share her knowledge with -- hopefully next time, we'll have a nice booklet to go with it. PM Kattelyn if you want any of the recipes for what she made.

    Thanks to the Wanna Bs (nice choice of handle, btw) for sharing our campsite with us and drinking from the fire hose of camping babbling. Brandy sometimes wishes she could get me to shut up about it, so I'm glad I had another outlet I'm glad the pups got along (mostly), and that you two had a warm and successful hang. Now you have me researching Trangia stoves (though I may go with one of the larger cookset models -- they look to run a bit more efficiently for heating larger amounts of water).

    For all you potluck chefs, wow! I just regret not having enough room to try everything -- that was one heck of a spread!

    Thanks to Buck, Caveman, Cogneato, and everyone else who provided music on Saturday night -- I'm glad Brandy had some good players to jam with. I'll just have to keep practicing -- maybe someday I can join in on my own guitar, or a harmonica or something

    Thanks to Kris and the other rangers for being interested enough in this whole hammocking thing to not only welcome us at their park, but on the TPWD Facebook page, and to show up for the potluck -- I hope I didn't bore you too much volunteering an explanation for some of the more esoteric items.

    I was surprised to wake up to find out almost everyone else had already cleared out on Sunday...I'd been hoping to catch up with what I didn't have time for Saturday, since I remembered several people hanging around till well after noon last year, but it looks like the weather put a damper on that this year. Apparently the car trouble thing was going around -- I saw where someone else couldn't get theirs started -- glad you worked something out, and we ended up having to call in the rangers for a jump ourselves (just an old battery -- we replaced it in Corsicana), and they mentioned there were several others they were going to jump as well. So again, thanks to the rangers for all their hard work!

    Now that I have all that thanking out of the way, I can look forward to Thanksgiving itself in a couple weeks, and then we'll have to see about getting in on the January hang at Caddo Lake.

    Next year, let's see if we can take over the next loop over as well!
    "Can't we all just live in trees and hammocks?"
    -- Sam Gribley, My Side of the Mountain

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    Quote Originally Posted by lubbockhammockguy View Post
    Space, did you finally figure out how to make whoopies?
    I certainly did...
    There where so many knowledgeable people that attended the hang.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spaceweaseal View Post
    I certainly did...
    There where so many knowledgeable people that attended the hang.
    I bet they were easier than you thought. Now you have to change out all your hammocks to whoopies

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    I'll post some pics once I sort through them and the rest of my stuff.

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    Uncle Mike's post hang ramblings

    The Texas Fall Hammock Hang 2012 ver. 4.0 is now in the books. For those keeping score, the best count I can figure is 65 hammock campers, less than the 90 plus who planned on coming but over 20% more than last year came together in the trees of Fairfield Lake State Park in Texas. In addition we had several guests in and out during the day on Saturday including some of the Park staff who bent over backwards to make sure we had a good event.

    Although I didn’t see everything, I know I saw Blackbirds, Ridge Runners, Hennessey’s, ENOs, Grand Trunks, Kammoks, Clarks, Dangerbirds, Switchbacks, BIAS, DIYs, Tablecloths, and generic hammocks. There were as many underquilts and tarp varieties as hammocks too. Some folks even used dead animals for insulation.

    With folks from Texas, Arkansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, the variety of people was pretty interesting too. (Heck, just getting North Texas, Hill Country, Houston area, and East Texas folks around a campfire was a sight to see.) This was a family reunion for some and first time to the party for others. From first timers in a tree to AT Thru Hikers, car campers to backpackers, and musicians to paddlers there was something for everyone. When it came to food at the Saturday night pot luck dinner, I had sideboards on my plate and still only sampled about half of what was there. It was a feast. In addition to a collection of canine campers there was plenty of raccoon activity and the random armadillo along for entertainment purposes.

    There were impromptu show and tell conversations; alcohol stove making instruction; reflectix cozy construction; a class on making a homemade long bow; a nature hike pointing out edibles and some sampling of prepared food provided by nature; a group buy of amsteel line; splicing instructions including whoopie sling construction; tarp and hammock hanging tips for those who asked; gear traded, bought, sold and given away; and a lot of great fellowship by the campfire.

    Swedish candles and fire in the washer tub lit up the main gathering area for a free prize drawing with dozens of winners. Special thanks go to Underground Quilts, Stoveman Dan,, BIAS, and the generous gifts of our own hangers. Among the prizes were several hammocks, a great tarp and pillow, tons of stoves, suspension rigging, some cool home made camp gear, pots, gadgets and assorted other items, and fire starting tinder boxes. There was literally something for everyone. The coolest part of this is that not a single item was solicited. Everything was donated purely as a gift to help support and encourage the hammock camping community present.

    The weather was unusually warm for November but no one seemed to complain. The only complaint I know of was that there was not enough time to get to know everyone there.

    The most common things I heard by Sunday’s departure time was, “I can’t wait until next year” or “when is the next one?” Two answers: Next year the second weekend in November is already circled on the calendar for 2013 and as to the next one, well watch the planning forum. There are hangs going on all year long in this area with one in the works for January in North Texas at Caddo Lake.

    There are too many people who contributed to making this a great weekend that I am not going to name any to avoid the risk of missing one due to my stupidity. Just know that if you taught, cooked, helped, brought wood, burned up chainsaws cutting candles, jumpstarted cars, fixed coffee, told stories, spliced, taped, cut, hiked, split wood, climbed trees, didn’t complain about my snoring, caught my movie quotes or laughed at any of my smart aleck comments, you are greatly appreciated.

    I look forward to seeing more pictures, hearing more perspectives, and mostly, getting back out in the woods soon.

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    Thank Y’ all so much everything! Rainee and I had a wonderful time at the potluck. All of the food was delicious and the company was Wonderful. Thank y’all again for letting us be a part of the Hammock Camping. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year.

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    You did not bore me, you were a lot of help with all the different terms and items used for hammock camping. I appreciate it :-)

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    This hang is on the cusp of HUGE, driven there by one man. Thank you, Mike.

    "I dearly love the state of Texas, but I consider that a harmless perversion on my part, and discuss it only with consenting adults". Molly Ivins

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