Yeppie, stuff sacks. Lot's of stuff sacks. Can give stuff sacks as gifts, donate stuff sacks, put stuff sacks on the PIF thread, randomly hand out stuff sacks, us stuff sacks as wrapping paper, bring it way down a knotch and add catnip to mini stuff sacks and throw them at your cat....if you have one. stuff sack dog toys, stuff sack corn hole is good, stuff sacks work as shoe dusters when storing them (shoe bags), stuff sack turned bishop bag, stuff sack ridgeline organizer. During Halloween you could use the stuff sack to burn.....oops, never mind that last one.

If you have a big mess up, then it becomes a storage hammock, hammock chair, stuff animal hammock for kids room, hammock toilet, dog dress, cat hammock, dog bed, dog blanket, skirt/or kilt for yourself, or during Halloween you could really burn one heck of a pile of cow.......never mind again