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I think Mac was making a joke that went over peoples heads when you made the comment it halts a major form of heat loss. As Mac points out, we have to lose some heat to survive... so the joke is to be careful and not get your insulation system so efficient that you die from over-heating from your own body heat. .....
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Yeah, sorry... joke was a bit dry, and ivory tower like... but based on sound principles.

Warm, breathable, windproof, waterproof, lightweight, inexpensive... we can have some, but not all.
Oh OK, yep it went over my head, I didn't know there was humor in that post, I missed it!

But back to serious- for the moment anyway- I don't think we winter hammock hangers are in much danger of failing to lose enough heat to survive while winter hammocking. But, even though we most likely are still losing some heat through various processes, we do ( or pretty close) totally eliminate that one form of heat loss (evaporative cooling) when using a VB. It's hard to evaporate in a sauna suit!

Do you guys think the benefits of a space blanket are significantly due to blocking radiant heat loss as well as normal VB effects? Or, is it in really mostly due to VB effects?