I have a JRB bridge and a new WBRR. Both with built in bugnets and I
always zip them up whatever the weather. I just have a more secure feeling
being completely inclosed and I really don't like bugs.

Obviously nets are great for skeeters and flies in the summer time but
when do you ditch your nets for the season? early fall, first frost or later.

I wondered if maybe there are some bugs out there all the time to justify
my year round use of nets. A google search shows there are indeed bugs
in the winter. There are some ants that only come out in winter and some
spiders and believe it or not some Snow Fleas.

I know a lot of people don't even use nets but for me I don't want to share my hammock with any critters.
Especially the dreaded Snow Flea!

I am going to stay zipped up
and claim that I do it for that extra degree of warmth.