Positively gorgeous weekend. We backpacked in our T-shirts and shorts (I in my kilt ) The sun shone gloriously, and the night sky was so clear I could see the milky way. I watched two sunrises and two sunsets. Awesome!! We even packed in shrimp, wine, and pasta for scampi.

Some snow and ice, especially in between the rocks, some snow 1-2 feet deep but packed down. The only place I wished I had brought trax was in the trees on the Mt Rogers summit.

Ran into several SOBO AT hikers, one mentioned that he had to be rescued off a mountain in VA just south of Shenandoah during the blizzard/ Sandy. Very scary!

I slept extremely well in my hammock with my 20 degree Incubator UQ and 0 degree TQ. Was actually so hot Sunday night I woke up twice to remove layers; it only got to 40-ish. The only issue was with the 40 mph winds Sunday night into Monday morning. I had staked down the corners and went to socialize. When I returned my tarp was billowing in the wind (the ridgeline was still tied down). The creepy thing was that 3 of my 4 stakes were lined up side-by-side near a tree. Either someone was messing with me or *gasp* it was a Blair-Witch thing! (that movie scared the pants off me) I never did find the fourth stake...