Whooo Buddy!
Coming home yesterday after a two week business trip had me excited because I was expecting to find a parcel waiting for me in my PO box.
I was NOT disappointed.

The 0* Zeppellin UQ and a Winter Dream tarp are both just plain cool.

I couldn't wait to try them out ....so today I made a new Amsteel ridgeline, larks headed some shock cord, hooked Dutch Ti biners to continuous loop Zing-it Prusiks, snapped the doors closed, and staked that sucker out!
The rig was completed by rigging quick connect mini-biners and Zing-it to the tarp pull-outs.
At that point I just stood back and grinned.

The mass of the Zeppelin blew me away. I'm used to my HG 20* 3/4 Phoenix for warmer weather use. Jumping up to 0* full length UGQ Zeppelin requires a considerable increase in stuff sack size.

Tomorrow I'm headed to the mountains in North Carolina for a real world field test. The nearest listed weather station shows the lows in the 20's for the coming week, but at the elevation I'm planning it will probably be colder.

Taking my 19 year old youngest son with me. We will have two hammock rigs.

The Clark's NX-150 will wear the full length UGQ 0* Zeppelin and the UGQ Winter Dream tarp.
The WBBB will wear the 3/4 length HG 20* Phoenix and the HG cuben fiber tarp. This is my lighter weight summer rig and I'm suspecting that it may be marginal for this trip. But,....we have downy goodness temp boosters such as Luke's down sleeves, Black Rock beanies, down vest, jackets, etc. We will survive.

I'm putting my kid in the North Face 20* Cats Meow bag and I'll use the 20* HG Burrow TQ. The plan is to stick with our own top insulation throughout, but alternate hammock rigs and bottom insulation each night for comparison.

Pics and AAR to follow when I get back next week.